VAS (Door to Door Service)

About VAS (Door to Door Service)

Value-Added Service (VAS) The term “door-to-door service” describes an all-inclusive logistics solution that covers the transportation and other services necessary for the smooth transfer of products from the location of the shipper to the consignee’s location. In addition to normal cargo delivery, it also offers a number of value-added services.

What We Provide?


Transportation of goods is included in the VAS Door-to-Door service from the place of origin to the final destination. Depending on the distance and unique needs of the item, this often entails using a variety of transport methods, such as trucks, trains, ships, or aero planes.

Pick-up and Delivery

This service entails gathering the items from the shipper's location (a warehouse or their doorstep) and delivering them to the consignee's designated location. For the shipper and consignee, this guarantees convenience and end-to-end communication.

Customs Clearance

It frequently includes help with paperwork & customs processes. This include completing & submitting the required customs documentation, paying the relevant fees & taxes, and working with the appropriate customs officials to ensure a speedy clearance of the products.

Packaging and labelling

To ensure proper protection and regulatory compliance, value-added services may include packaging and labelling of items. This could entail specific packaging for commodities that are sensitive to temperature changes, dangerous materials, or fragile items.

Storage and Warehousing

VAS Warehousing and storage facilities may be offered as an additional service with door-to-door delivery. This enables the transient storage of commodities for reasons of distribution and consolidation.

Tracking and Visibility

The service frequently offers tracking features, enabling the shipper and consignee to keep track of the status and location of the shipment in real-time. This improves visibility and aids in the efficient management of supply chain operations.

Insurance Protection

The VAS Door-to-Door service may provide insurance protection for the items while they are in transit. Both the shipper and the consignee benefit from this peace of mind and protection against potential loss or damage.

Additional Value-Added Services

It may include a variety of additional value-added services, including inventory management, order fulfilment, reverse logistics, product labelling, repackaging, & more, depending on the service provider & unique requirements.