Air Cargo

About Air Cargo Service

The movement of products and commodities by aeroplane is referred to as air cargo service, sometimes known as air freight service. It is a quick and effective method of shipping goods, especially for shipments with a tight deadline or large value.

What We Provide?


Airports with cargo terminals and other facilities for effective handling and storage of cargo are used by air freight services. These airports have facilities specifically designated for processing cargo, such as customs clearance, security inspections, and cargo loading and unloading.

Types of Cargo

A variety of things, including perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobile components, textiles, machinery, and more, can be transported using air cargo services. It can hold both tiny packages and massive, huge goods.

Operations and Logistics

The logistics infrastructure that supports air cargo service is intricate. For effective loading aboard aircraft, cargo is packed into boxes, pallets, or specialized containers called Unit Load Devices (ULDs). To ensure proper handling & storage of cargo, airlines have staff & equipment for cargo handling.

Intermodal Transportation

Air cargo carriers frequently integrate with other means of transportation, such as road or rail. This is accomplished by the use of intermodal transportation, in which the end destination is reached by employing a similar mode of transportation after the initial delivery of the cargo by truck or train to the airport for air transportation.

Tracking and security

Most air cargo carriers provide tracking systems so that shippers and recipients may keep tabs on the progress of their package. Additionally, to safeguard goods from theft or unauthorized access while it is in transit, strict security procedures are in place.

Regulatory Compliance

The provision of air cargo services necessitates adherence to a number of laws, including those governing customs & security. To enable efficient customs clearance procedures, shippers must provide correct documentation, such as airway bills, commercial invoices, & customs declarations.

Air Cargo Service Benefits

  • Speed: For long-distance and international shipments, air freight is the fastest means of transportation. It shortens transit times so that commodities can get to their destination more rapidly.
  • Global Reach: Shipments may travel practically anywhere in the world because of the massive networks that air cargo carriers have built up between airports throughout the world.
  • Reliability: Since most airlines run on set schedules, time-sensitive items can be delivered with predictability and reliability.
  • Security: To lower the chance of theft or damage during transit, air cargo is subject to stringent security procedures, including screening and adherence to safety requirements.